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My Juicing Journey

Staying healthy and fit is one of the primary concerns for many today. Through my blog I motto is to help people follow a tailored approach to achieve their health goals. With my experience and knowledge I have posted some interesting articles on different types of workouts. Also there are articles on other health and fitness trends as well. Primarily you will find good amount of information on effective cardio exercises. You will find complete information on how to plan your workouts through out the week. Also instructions are given on how to do the exercises right. There are also tips on different levels of exercises for different groups. Going through the posts before starting your exercise regime can be of great help.

A section of the blog is also dedicated to details of exercises that can be done at home. You will find information on how to use equipments like treadmill and cross trainers effectively. One cannot just simply start running on the treadmill because it will have no benefit. I have provided some interesting tips on how to maximize your running sessions on the treadmill. Other than exercises you will also find some interesting posts on food and nutrition. You will find tips to plan your diet in order to achieve your fitness goals. There are posts on the calorific value of different products and how much portions are safe to consume.

Apart from food there are also posts on juicing as well. You will find interesting articles on why you should be juicing and how to do it right. A section of the blog is also dedicated to some of the best juicers available in the market. You get the complete information on the features, specifications and their usage.  Latest reviews of the new models are also added as and when the juicers are launched in the market.

"Detox is not starving, it is enlightenment"

- Dalai Lama

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